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Top 10 iPhone Games – Ported iPhone Games

by Nikhil Palanki on May 12, 2011 • 4 minute read

Ported iPhone Games is a term for games that were intended for other platforms (such as PC) but translated over to iPhone. Here are some of the most prolific and somewhat most entertaining iPhone Ports.

Angry Birds Released As Free Web Game

by Ipodnerd on May 11, 2011 • less than 1 minute read

Angry Birds, the extremely popular physics game where you launch wingless birds at green pigs, has been released by Rovio Mobile (the developers of the game) on their website. The game is available as a free WebGL gam...

Top 10 iPhone Games – Physics Games

by Nikhil Palanki on May 11, 2011 • 3 minute read

Wow. Physics games happen to be the best selling throughout the iPhone App store. Well, they do have pigs getting splattered or feeding chubby little monsters with candy gumballs, I mean who doesn’t see the appeal. Bu...