Google+ Now Accessible Via A Native iPhone App

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Earlier today, the Google+ iphone app was released on the app store. If you are one of the early adapters of Google+ and you have an iphone, you can download the app from itunes by clicking or tapping on this link.

If you’re reading this post thinking “What the heck is Google+ ?” then you obviously missed our post about the release of Google’s new social network. If you do know about Google+, but can’t quite remember what it has to offer, you should check out that post too.

The first people to download the Google+ app found that it was rather buggy, bit most bugs were fixed in a quick update later in the day.

I think the best way to go over this new app is to look over some screenshots (via iTunes page and Mashable writer Christina Warren):


This is the welcome screen that you see when you first run the app. It has a straightforward explanation of basic features that you should read. To start using the app, you simply need to hit the "Get Started" button!

The circles screen


Huddle group messaging

This is what your stream will look like.

What do you think of the new app? Do you think you will be using it often? Comment!

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