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When studying or researching geography, it can be quite troublesome when trying to determine geographic terms or searching for geographic terms (By geographic terms, I am referring to “island” or “graben” or “moraine” not “Serbia”). Dictionaries prove to be too convoluted and can be too difficult to pinpoint the exact geographic terms you are looking for. has a large glossary filled with definitions of the major geographic terms (as well as a plethora of minor terms).

So what is the advantage of having a Physical Geography glossary? When preparing for Geography Bees or for studying AP Geography, references to geographical features may arise or geographical terms and it is always good to have a place of reference. Since Geographic terms are occasionally classified as “Scientific Terms” many school dictionaries do not have their definitions within them. has always been useful for looking of Physical Geographic terms, but what if you’re on the other end. By other end, I’m referring to if you don’t know the word you are looking for or you want to study all the words (if you are preparing for a competition that involves geography), then a glossary devoted to geographic terms would be more useful than

You may contest that has an excellent source of geographic terms. This is true, but the glossary of terms on doesn’t come nearly as close to the glossary that is provided here.

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You can check out the website here.

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