ShiVa 3D – An Excellent Game Engine for Mobile Developers

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ShiVa 3-D is a very clean Game Engine/SDK that allows you to use a very simple programming language to make high-level graphics games for iPhone, Android and HTC devices. This language is not what you’d expect. Not JAVA, Python, or even Boo. It uses C++! Recently they ported their API’s to C++ so now, you can code using that language.

Beautiful Huh?

Anyways, ShiVa, similar to Unity 3D, let’s you develop games straight for the mobile device. It also allows you to develop games for Macs, PCs, and believe it or not, Wii Console, giving ShiVa versatility amongst developers.

Kind of What the Interface Looks Like

Some cool features of ShiVa include the ability to run a ShiVa server, with your game. This makes for MMO and VOIP applications to run with ease, and gives developers one less thing to worry about.

In comparison to Unity 3D, I consider ShiVa to be better development software, as it has more platforms to work with, uses C++ as its main coding language, an editor that lets you edit from terrain to script AI’s, and a personal server that lets you host MMO games and VOIP. The only con of ShiVa in comparison to Unity 3D is the fact it costs more than Unity3D.


  • ShiVa Server – €169.00 – €1499.00
  • ShiVa Training – €350.00 – €10000.00
  • ShiVa Editor – €0.00 (Educational, Editor PLE), €169.00 (Editor Basic), €1499.00 (Advanced)

Some Handheld Games to Check out That Were Made through ShiVa: Voodoo Dice, Crusade of Destiny, Bellum: Tactics, Crosak, Graviton, and CastleGuard

VooDoo Dice's Gameplay

Some Computer Games made through ShiVa: Tiny Planet Explorer, Brukkon, Linus and Boom, and SBDC

Check Out the Full Showcase Here

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