10 Apps for the Travel Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs who travel around the country or to different countries as part of their business have specific travel needs. Fortunately for those with an iPhone, apps are available to make the chaos of travel much easier to manage.


PhoneBook is an iPhone app that is particularly useful to traveling entrepreneurs on the go. The application accesses your AT&T account and then organizes your contacts according to the call log. The more often a person is called, the higher the phone number is placed in your iPhone. For an entrepreneur who contacts business colleagues often, this application puts their name at the top to avoid thumbing to find their names.

Currency App:

The Currency App for the iPhone is a necessity for any traveling entrepreneur who plans to travel abroad. It provides the currency exchange from U.S. dollars to other currencies such as the Euro or the Japanese Yen.

QuickVoice Recorder:

QuickVoice Recorder is convenient for the busy entrepreneur on the go. This iPhone app records a voice message and then converts the message into text. The text is then used as necessary such as for memos, business notes or text messages. For someone traveling, it saves time by not stopping to take out a laptop and type out the messages.

Keeper Password and Data Vault:

The Keeper Password and Data Vault app for the iPhone is a type of encryption app designed to keep your information safe. You type in a password and set the app, it encrypts your data to prevent identity theft in the event the phone is stolen or lost. Only the person with the password can remove the app.


The SkyScanner iPhone app is designed for anyone that travels, particularly for those frequent flyers like traveling entrepreneurs. The app is the starting point for travel plans because it looks for the perfect flight. Enter the destination information and the dates of travel. The application then looks at all the flights available for the dates and airports. Filter the data according to the number of stops, time of day and any other details you prefer to find the best flight.


TripDeck is a handy iPhone application for any traveling entrepreneur. The app organizes the trip according to the itinerary and helps keep everything in order. You won’t accidentally miss those meetings while following the data on your TripDeck.


iTranslate is the perfect app for anyone traveling abroad who does not know the language. Translate the words you want to say via the audio translate option and showcase the appropriate response to anyone you must communicate with.

Wi-Fi Finder:

Wi-Fi Finder is the perfect app for the traveling entrepreneur who needs to find wireless Internet as soon as possible. The app looks for the nearest wi-fi location. The best part of the app is that it will find wireless Internet anywhere in the world, so even when traveling abroad it is possible to find a wi-fi network.

Remote Desktop Lite:

Travelers often have a need to access files from their business desktop while away from home. iPhone’s Remote Desktop Lite is the app that accesses the data without the worry of identity theft. It creates a secure connection between a desktop computer and the iPhone via wi-fi or wireless Internet connections the phone uses.


Social media is an amazing tool for any business and in fact is a necessary tool for long term success. The Facebook app for the iPhone allows you to access your Facebook account and keep up with contacts while on the go.

Entrepreneurs who are traveling, whether it is in the states or abroad, need to keep up with their business, contacts and information. iPhone applications make it easier to manage the little details so you can focus on the big picture.

Written by Daniel @thetechlegend

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