The Development, History, and Increased Use of Instant Messaging

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Instant messaging is one of the most popular and efficient ways for people to communicate in modern times. Many people use instant messaging services on a daily basis. These services are provided through various companies and at various costs, but many services are free or inexpensive.

Development and History of Instant Messaging

Instant messaging programs became somewhat popular in the 1980s and the early 1990s. These early programs used real time text. Some of the first popular instant messaging services were PowWow, ICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Between the 1990s and present day, instant messaging services developed rapidly. Nowadays, instant messaging services are offered worldwide and provide a variety of options to users. People can communicate via text, but most instant messaging services now offer emoticons, photo sharing options, and even video sharing options.

Increased Use of Instant Messaging

In present times, instant messaging goes way beyond a computer screen and internet connection. People can now instant message directly from their phones through services such as instant messaging. Users can simply download a free or inexpensive instant messaging application directly to their smart phone, and they can immediately begin communicating with others. Smart phones and some non-smart phones can host instant messaging services, but the services vary by phone and by wireless service provider.

Most social networks also have a built in instant messaging feature. Some of these networks include Facebook, MySpace, and dating websites such as OK Cupid. Certain email services such as Gmail and Yahoo! offer built in instant messaging services, too.

Instant Messaging for Business Purposes

In addition to being used for social purposes, instant messaging is now used for many business related services. Business persons can download instant messaging to their phones, and can use them to stay in touch with colleagues and clients. Certain companies offer instant messaging archiving and security features specifically for business related purposes. There are some risks associated with instant messaging for business purposes, but many companies use tools such as spam filters and monitoring devices in order to minimize risks.

In modern times, instant messaging is certainly one of the easiest and most convenient ways for individuals to communicate worldwide.

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