JAVA Tutorial I – A Walkthrough with Hello World! (PART I)

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I decided to try something new with the tutorials. If I consolidate a lot of the text into several pages, the tutorial may prove to be more effective.

What is Java?

So JAVA is one of the most prolific programming languages out there, and is used by 6.5 million programmers on more than 1.1 billion desktops. All Blu-Ray players use JAVA and almost all of the Cell Phones use JAVA. This cross-platform capability gave it one of the most versatile and able uses out there, and should be learned.

It is also a good method to learn JAVA before delving into C#, as it helps a lot with the learning of Object-Oriented Programming methods.

In this tutorial, I’ll first show you the program to download to run JAVA, and then the code, and finally, the explanation.

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