NaClBox – DOSBox For The Web! Play Classic DOS Games In Chrome

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We recently reviewed and explained a groovy little application called DOSBox. DOSBox is simply a great MS-DOS emulator. For those of you that don’t want to go through the hassle of setting DOSBox up, or simply want another cool way to play old DOS games, Speed of Light Media, Inc. developed a cool project by name of NaClBox (“Native Client” + “DOSBox” =”NaCLBox”).

NaClBox allows you to play DOS games right in your Chrome browser by means of a new feature in Google Chrome called “Native Client” (Read more about Native Client). Native Client isn’t activated by default, so you will need to type “about:flags” into the address bar  while in Chrome and click the enable link under “Native Client”.

Once you have done that, head on over to and choose a game to play!

the Secret of Monkey Island NaClBox Demo



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