Top URL Shortening Services

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URL shortening services have been around for many years. They make life simpler by taking long URLs and making a shortened version. This shortened version is basically a page on the shortening service’s website that forwards to the desired URL. The many uses/benefits of URL shortening services include:

  • making the most out of character limits in messaging services such as Twitter
  • quick and easy fix for email clients or other programs that chop off part of a URL due to a line break
  • it’s pleasant to see a short URL as opposed to a long one
  • keeping track of the click statistics of a link
  • hiding affiliate links

For instance, say I want to tweet a link to that awesome article on Byte Revel about Grooveshark. The normal URL is /2011/05/03/grooveshark-listen-to-millions-of-songs-for-free/. There’s no way we want to use up our precious character count with that! So, we head over to URL shortening service and paste /2011/05/03/grooveshark-listen-to-millions-of-songs-for-free/ into the “shorten!” bar. gives me a nice short link-

One of the few disadvantages of shortened URLs is that they can be used to hide links to malicious websites. Be sure that you trust the author of a shortened link before clicking on it. Of course, this is true with all links, not just shortened ones.

Anyhow, let’s cut to the chase. Here’s a list of some of the best URL shortening services out there!

  • -The best known URL shortener; has option to choose alias; has bookmarklet; reliable
  • -Has a short name; it’s reliable; link statistics available; has option to choose alias
  • -It’s just simple and reliable
  • -Provides statistics; customizable alias with login
  • -wide variety of statistics available; customizable alias with login; geolocation based links; easy link editing with login
  • -optional password protection; custom URL; bookmarklet
  • -Google’s own link shortener; QR codes; traffic sources; reliable; click-through statistics



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