Grooveshark – Listen to Millions of Songs For Free

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Ever wanted to play that one song all the way through? For FREE? With Grooveshark, you can do that and a whole lot more! Grooveshark has a massive music collection, and it’s actually legal.

New HTML5 Grooveshark Interface

New HTML5 Grooveshark Interface



Similar to popular streaming music services Pandora and, Groveshark allows users to listen to streaming music for free. It is extremely unique in that it allows the user to play almost (*cough* The Beatles) any song from the giant Grooveshark database on demand, and without limit. Don’t let this deter you radio lovers though- it also has radio functionality. Account creation isn’t mandatory, but with a free account you can organize songs into playlists, favorite songs, and create a library (there is a cheap V.I.P. account that is optional and provides even more awesome, but not necessary, features).

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