Simogo – Aesthetically Creative iOS Developers

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While I don’t consider myself to be an avid video gamer, what I find most interesting about the media genre is the story, visual, and audio craft. Depending on the medium, whether it is a console or handheld device, I am interested in the defamiliarization that developers strive to achieve with their gamecraft. When I stumble upon a game that is aesthetically original, I can’t help feeling intrigued.

I have always been interested in Simogo’s creative work. As a development firm, every application that they’ve released is imbued with the mystical creativity that indie developers strive to achieve. From Beat Sneak Bandit’s combination of music with puzzle solving to the wistful Bumpy Road, which out of its simplicity and grace smoothly expounds a touching story. Another example of Simogo’s boundary pushing creativity is their Device 6. Combining a text-based adventure with a book-like reading is perhaps one of the most unique and interesting iPhone game experiences. Rather than simple puzzle solving, Simogo forces users to step-back and appreciate the creative genius invested into the application.


Text-based puzzle solving of Device 6

Most recently, Simogo released The Sailor’s Dream. This game immerses in a small pocket universe of an application with dream-like visuals. Users are drawn to explore a world solely for the purpose of exploration. Wrapped with beautiful music, this application moves away from solely creative expression towards creative storytelling. The adventure is more about figuring out a story and less so about progressing through a quest or journey. Reading like a storybook, this application almost turns the user into a character who is living outside of the author. The Sailor’s Dream captures a beautiful sense of mystical, explorative storytelling.

If you are interested in checking out some aesthetically creative iOS applications, I highly encourage you to look into Simogo’s applications.

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