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It can be quite overwhelming to pick an online music service, like Spotify, Rdio, or SoundCloud. After you have settled in with a service, you may want to share some music you have found via the platform. Whether it is an independent artist on SoundCloud or a mainstream popstar on Spotify, sharing raises another problem: incompatibility. Wiith the variety of services (Youtube, Rdio, SoundCloud), it can be headache to share songs easily as one has to manage his various music accounts as well as connect in each account separately. This is where enters, to fix the frustration of online music sharing. is a website with an ambitious goal of centralizing music sharing via the myriad music online platforms. The service is built on the principle that all online music can be shared through one interface, thus releaving any headache of managing seven different accounts. An example would be when you wanted to share a Spotify song to someone who doesn’t have the account, that person would have to create another account just to listen to 1 song. All of this unnecessary work to listen to a single track or share music is bypassed via bop’s website alone.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.28.39 PM interface – it boasts sophisticated aesthetics in addition to keeping with its philosophy of simple use and service

Altogether, the idea seems to be an ambitious project, but with the beta version looking as clean, user-friendly, and robust as any of the major online music platforms, it is definitely worth looking into. I found the website to live up to its incisive and direct philosophy.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.30.32 PM

Notice the Youtube video in the corner – one of the sources music is gathered from on

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