Use AlienTube to Replace Awful YouTube Comments with Reddit Threads

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YouTube is notorious for its simply dreadful comment sections filled with immature statements and pointless flamewars. Most people just turn a blind eye to this area all together, but what if you want to have a meaningful discussion about a video or want to read some intelligent reactions?

The browser extension AlienTube fixes most YouTube comment sections by replacing them with threads from Reddit that link to the video. This enables you to read comments sorted by popularity from a community better known for intelligent discussion. Furthermore, this can be a tool to discover new subreddits that share videos related to your interests.

AlienTube searches Reddit for the comment threads to every post linking to the video currently being watched. It organizes them with tabs by subreddit, and it displays the comments in the same format as on the Reddit website, complete with voting and additional commenting functionality.


I have been using this extension for a few months, and I am frequently surprised by the fantastic amount of videos that have associated comment threads for them. When there aren’t any matching threads, the original YouTube comments are displayed, but that leaves you no worse off than what you had before.

Sometimes the original creator of the video joins in on conversation on the Reddit threads because they can get better feedback and discussion there, rather than the YouTube comment section. You miss out on this if you only ever see the YouTube comments and don’t closely follow YouTubers.

AlienTube is available as a browser extension on all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Opera. Install it from the developer’s website at . It’s free!

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