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One of the difficulties of collaborating on projects, whether it be software development, web development, or nothing programming related, is the challenge of finding good group collaboration software. There are many different sites for group collaboration, such as PBWorks or Hackpad, and choosing a suitable one is a challenge. Particularly for our personal projects, we tend to enjoy straightforward, easy-to-use, and free software. One of the most straightforward is Asana.

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Part of the beauty of Asana, is that it has a surprising lack of features. As project management software, we tend to get overloaded with features. The essence of this website is to provide a task management application. Asana gives its users a very straightforward project task management, much like Things. It organizes the group’s to be completed tasks, as well as group milestones and other checklist items.

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Setting up an account for your group is free, and you gain access to all of the features. If you want to expand to a larger group, Asana has a payment plan for handling larger groups. Altogether, this application is one of the cleanest, straightforward task management systems you can expect for its price. Of course, when selecting task management software for your project, there is no one size fits all type of software. But, Asana is always useful for anyone needing a free, clean, task management system.

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