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6 years ago, creating and maintaining a wiki was complicated. It required complex software that only a person proficient in the web development field could manage. Thus the birth of a great little project dubbed “PeanutButterWiki” or “PBWiki” for short.The developers thought that setting up a wiki should be “as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” It enabled users to quickly and easily set up a small wiki without the complications of sophisticated software and hosting. 48 hours after the initial release, over 1,000 wikis had been created. That’s a LOT! Thrilled by its popularity, the developers decided to pursue the project. It developed more and more advanced features, and the product evolved into a freemium model. That is, it came with great free features for free, and, for a price, additional features could be added to a user’s wiki.

In 2009, the developers at PBWiki decided that they wanted to target a business and school audience rather than the average user that used their services for personal use. To make their software sound more appealing, they changed their name to PBWorks.

I, personally, love PBWorks and have used it for dozens of projects and websites over the years. My rating of the service: 9/10

PBWorks Logo

PBWorks Logo

They still support using their great software for personal use, but it isn’t advertised much. PBWorks for personal use is great for:

  • collaborating on a project with friends or colleagues
  • making a small website for almost anything
  • file organization
  • information organization

And much more!

The free version of PBWorks for personal use comes with:

  • 2GB of storage (that’s as much as the free version of DropBox!)
  • unlimited users & user permissions
  • set workspace to public or private
  • different themes
  • a nifty WYSIWYG editor
  • several useful plugins such as a calendar

Sign up for your free wiki now at

(the actual sign-up link is


Fun fact: Today, the PBWorks network now contains over 1,000,000 wikis and 7 millions pages of user content!



PBWorks Byte Revel

The default interface of a simple wiki



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