Ghostery – Defend Your Online Privacy!

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On the internet there will always be companies and websites tracking your every click and key.  Many companies will take this information and use it to create a database that they can use to sell products to you or, for the more malicious types, use your passwords to bypass firewalls to steal vital information or impliment malware or viruses to your computer.

Amongst most internet users, this is a real problem. While you are on this site you are probebly getting tracked by several companies. But fear not, there are good guys in this war to. You just have to be able to find them. A company that has recently been created called “Ghostery” has a tool that you can use. They have a program that you can use to protect yourself.

This program is completely free to download and requires little installation. What Ghostery does is it tracks the surveys that are tracking you and shuts them down. It allowes you to select which websites you want to track you; so if you want to be tracked by a site by google, but don’t want unknown sites to track you, you can do that. Or you can set it so that no sites whatsoever can track you making you heavly protected. The best part about Ghostery is that even if you block all of the sites or some of them it showes you which ones it is blocking and which ones it is letting track you.

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