Recommendation Service Foundd Helps You And Your Friends Find Good Movies, More Coming Soon

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Personalized recommendation engines have existed since the earliest online services started popping up, and they have grown increasingly popular and accurate. They’re great for consumers that want to find new products or content to enjoy, and they increase sales for content producers. Most of these services have at least one of two problems: they’re not very accurate, and they’re a solitary experience.

Recently launched movie recommendation service Foundd not only does a great job of recommending movies to you, but also to a group of your friends or family. When you first sign up (free), you’ll be prompted to rate some movies that you enjoyed. That way, Foundd has a basis on which to recommend movies. You can continue to rate movies for as long as you like; the more you rate the more likely Foundd is to find movies that you will like. After you have rated some movies, you can scan your “watchlist” of recommended movies for something that you think will interest you. So far, I’ve had a great experience with movies recommended for me. Their algorithm really works.

What makes Foundd unique is the ability to invite friends and form groups with them. These groups, currently limited to five people, combine the movie ratings of everyone in them in order to generate a communal watchlist. As a result, movie nights with friends and family are more likely to sport a movie that everyone can enjoy. Plus, it saves time: there’s no longer a need to argue about which movies to watch.

The developers behind Foundd hope to add support for book, app, game, video, and TV show recommendations in the foreseeable future. App recommendations have already proven to be popular and profitable by several companies, and video recommendations are sure to be fun and addicting if implemented properly.

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