The In B Flat Music Project Takes YouTube Music Collaboration To The Next Level

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Two years ago, composer and producer Darren Solomon had a great idea. This idea was a project called “In B Flat”. Darren asked fellow singers and musicians to upload a video to YouTube consisting of a simple noise in B flat.

Darren took the best contributions and put them all on one page of a website. The idea is that you can play multiple YouTube videos at once to create an ambient sound. Because each video is in a YouTube player, you can easily start or stop certain sounds and adjust the volume level of any sound.

After trying this out for myself, I must say that you can create some amazing music with In B Flat. I especially enjoy playing the vocal track (second one up from the bottom left) along with a few other miscellaneous tracks.

I’m quite surprised that no one has tried this with other kinds of music. If there are any musicians out there that are reading this, I encourage you to create your own take on this project with a genre of music such as rock.

By now I’m sure that you just want to go and check it out for yourself. Here’s the link:

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