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I recently stumbled upon this appealing website that enables users to build social lists. “How can you make a list social?” you might ask. Well, allows users to collaborate on lists, leave comments on list items, share lists across various social networks, and more.

Developer Shyam Subramanyan created this service about one month ago from today. He noticed that a large portion of blog posts are lists, and wanted a way for content creators to create interactive lists that engaged the reading community and gave posts life long after their publish date. With, he developed a highly functional solution.

Upon signing in to with your Facebook or Twitter account, you will be greeted with a front page consisting of a list of trending lists. Creating a new list is as easy as hitting the big, orange “Start A List Now” button. You will need to fill out a simple form for the list including a title and a description. You will also have the option to allow comments and guest participation (guests will be able to add to the list) as well as the option to moderate guest participation. Once your list is made, you will be able to populate it with new items. For each item on the list, you can give a name, URL, and a description. A relevant photo will be found and added automatically to each list item.

On the reader’s side, options include giving each list item a thumbs up , giving each list item a thumbs down, commenting on list items, adding list items (if enabled), and sharing to multiple social networks.

Besides the elegant page given to each of your lists, you can embed the list into your web pages or blog posts with a little javascript code that will be given to you if you request a publisher key.

After a while, you will no  doubt build up a collection of lists. provides a clean home page that lets you track and organize your lists as well as control which lists you follow. In addition, you can keep track of some simple analytics and get a look at your points (which you can get by making new lists and participating).

Start making some impressive super social lists at !

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