Team Fortress 2 By Valve Now Free-To-Play!

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This week Valve is making noise with Team Fortress 2, its popular online shooter game, that was released in 2007. How can such an old game make such news around the internet, you might ask.  Easy:  Valve released the game Free-To-Play.  That’s right, one of the greatest hat wearing and battle simulators that you can find on the web is now FREE.  To obtain your free copy just go here, and download the Steam client for your operating system (Mac and Windows supported), make an account.  Once you have the Steam client running it should be available to download.

Now for some background information on Valve.  Valve is an independent game development company that has produced a bunch of amazing games such as Portal, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and Half-Life.  Valve has also developed a great distribution platform to get their games, along with other developers games, straight to the user’s PC or Mac.  This platform is Steam.  Steam allows people who play similar games to become friends, chat, and join groups to stay in touch.  It also allows people to browse the web, and stay in touch while playing games!  Valve revolutionized PC gaming with the release of their Steam store, and then once again when they released Steam for Mac, and now they are about to pull in tons of users with the Free-To-Play release of Team Fortress 2.

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