Nerd Rhymes Are On The Rise

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Most nerds are not into the whole “rap scene”, however that hasn’t stopped a few geeks from pursuing a career in making rap music! You may be asking yourself, “What on earth could these songs be about?” Most rappers rap about sex, drugs, and violence but that isn’t true for these nerd artists. They rap about what they know best: computers, hacking, technology, sci-fi, and old school literature. Thats right, a whole little rap genre completely devoted to being geeky. The best part about it all? Some of these albums are free! On top of that, one of Nerdcore’s biggest names, MC Lars, has publicly said that he doesn’t mind people pirating his music. Most of the nerd rap scene can be found on torrent sites if you look hard enough. These nerdcore rappers are mostly self produced, and independently published. All-in-all nerdcore is a huge up and coming music scene that drops 8-bit beats, and will launch a trojan into your occipital lobes. A few popular rappers in this genre are MC Lars, MC Frontalot, MC Chris, YTCracker, Dual Core, int80, and Beefy. All of these guys are also on twitter, so follow them for updates. Included below are a few youtube versions of some popular songs, and links to a few websites.


Dual Core:


MC Frontalot:

MC Lars:


Websites: MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Dual Core, and YTCracker

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