Corona SDK – One of the Most User Friendly SDKs

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If you have played Bubble Ball, the game that took Angry Birds Free Version off of its velvet throne atop the Top Free iPhone Games, you would be familiar with its interface, as well as the fact a 14-year old boy created it. Though he only coded it while his mother did the marketing, level design, and artwork, it is still fantastic this boy did the programming.

But this programming is quite easy to learn. This is part of the reason Corona SDK is such a great software. It is so great its apps have been downloaded 16,000,000 times! No jokes!

Aside from the downloads, there are tons of cool things you can do with Corona. Here are some things to consider.

1. Physics

Corona SDK has, hands down, the best commercial physics engine one could use for app development. The code is incredibly simple, and you can do so much. Watch these videos on the Ansca Mobile website to see how great the coding is. Seriously, Ansca Mobile created such a great physics engine.

A Game Called "Siege Towers For Two" by Outer Court

2. Simple Coding

The code is incredibly simple to manipulate. If you watched the videos like a told you, (in fact, I commanded you), you’d be at least 1.3% impressed with the small amounts of code required to make stuff happen. There is a template for you to begin programming on the website that looks just like Fruit Ninja. It uses only 400 lines of code!!! Awesome! Here is a sample picture of this code.

Screen Shot of the Code. I'm afraid I can't show you the finished product, but just take a look over it.

3. Templates

On the website, there are tons of different templates you can use. There is a Fruit Ninja-esque template, Air Hockey, Simple Pool, and a game called Ghosts vs. Monsters (really cool, similar to Angry Birds). These are very helpful and beneficial to budding Corona Developers, and I do recommend trying them out, if you choose to use Corona SDK.

Ghosts vs. Monsters


And there you have it! Some of the great reasons to use Corona SDK. Check out the website, and look at the great games they have published. Enjoy some of the screenshots of games created using Corona!

Dungeon Tap

Dungeon Tap Gameplay


Lost Circus

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