Ning – Create Your Own Social Network

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Social Networking has taken the Internet by storm. From MySpace to Facebook to Formspring to Twitter to Tumblr, Social Networks surround us infinitely. 500 million+ people use Facebook. That is 1/12 the world’s population! Ning here lets you get in on Social Network creation.

Ning doesn’t create the next Facebook, but it creates sites that have a large amount of Social Networking that is devoted to a single cause. An example would be a famous movie-star or TV Show that generates a huge fan-base. These fanatics band together in a social network and, you know, do whatever fans do.

But it isn’t limited to just celebrities or big-time products. I could create a Ning devoted to myself and my awesomeness. I would probably get like 3 fans or something. I probably won’t do this, but you get the picture. It groups people together through a common interest in some sort of media.

As to be expected of any professional web service, Ning isn’t free. It used to be, but after a new CEO stepped in, an awful decision was made. Namely, to cut their free services and focus on their premium services. The cheapest option is $2.95 Monthly, with upgrades available. Check out plans and pricing if you are interested.

The other great aspect of Ning is the fact one can generate revenue off of their Social Network. With that being said, if you are one of those who wants to create a network devoted to something, and possibly make revenue, check out Ning.

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