BugMeNot – Bypass Compulsory Registration Websites

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Well isn’t that great. I have never needed this website, but for those of you who visit a website that requires you to sign up in order to access content or certain features, you can use BugMeNot to save you time. Upon visiting the BugMeNot website, you will be prompted for a website address. Once given, a list of user-submitted account log-in information will be presented. As you can probably guess, some of these accounts won’t work. Not to worry, there is a ranking system based on user feedback that brings the account that worked for most people to the top of the screen.

While you shouldn’t use BugMeNot for things like social networking websites, gaming websites, or shopping websites, it is great for forums, newspaper websites, and Beta web services (that are tough to get accepted in to).

Well, the rest is pretty self-explanatory, so I find myself endlessly jabbering. You check it out here:  http://www.bugmenot.com/

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