Apple’s iOS 7 – A Total Overhaul?

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With only a few more days left for the upcoming release of iOS 7, avid users of Apple products have been on the edge of their seat waiting to get their hands on the newest mobile operating system to be used for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Since the original iPhone release way back in 2007, iOS 7 characterizes the biggest change in Apple’s iOS so far and as to all the brand new features and fresh design that comes with it represents a major overhaul. While it is noticeable that iOS 7 is very much different from iOS 6 or others of iOS, this change was definitely purposed to bring out a better mobile device experience.

The first remarkable change you would notice with the new operating system is the new user interface, flat icons compared to that of iOS 6 or lower which is embossed, redesigned icon logos for each app, Phone App with incoming notification banner and a panoramic wallpaper for the Home/Lock Screen. The dynamic live wallpaper background livens up the screen but at the same time gives it a clean, minimalist look. As always simplicity is beauty. The parallax 3D effect of the background also gives it something to be curious about since the layered look of the screen enhances the way the flat icons look, giving it more depth and perspective.

Aside from the total design transformation, other significant changes in this OS are features like new noise cancellation settings to reduce ambient noise during phone calls, “slide to power off” button, a new look for twitter icon and Control center user access.

Since the purpose of iOS 7 changes is to satisfy demands from different age group and users, they came up with an operating system that doesn’t only contain all the great features of iOS but to also address all the issues encountered before. Apple certainly threw in a little bit more by putting in Airdrop. This great feature lets you easily share photos, videos and contacts with the trouble of sending it through email or text. Just a tap of the Share button through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and you’re off sharing your contents in a breeze.

Of course when Apple design and redesigned the iOS 7, what they have in mind is how important social media is. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other type of Social Media that are famous today are very much in demand. And who wouldn’t use the camera when social media is involved? Apple didn’t miss to focus on these demands, with new camera filters, different shooting formats like still, panorama and video, iOS 7 truly delivers. It is also easier to browse through all your captured photos with enhanced photo library the features smart grouping according to place and time. Add in a little bit more with iCloud Photo Sharing that lets you automatically see posted photos, comments and videos in a shared content stream. These are just amazing features that keeps you updated with every aspect of your life.

Without a doubt, iOS 7 is not all about fun. Apple also considered businessmen who want to rely on their mobile device for its portability. Even with a fast-paced life, iOS 7 keeps up with the Multitasking feature that automatically updates your apps during power-efficient times. Browsing is also made easy with the new Safari web browser which is now equipped with unified smart search and new tab view letting you effortlessly scroll from tab to tab.

And last but not the least, aside from the new look, Siri also gets a new sound. The old and reliable assistant now has a more natural sound and even a female and male voice to choose from. These features are generally what we look forward to and one might even say that the total overhaul is what we’ve been waiting for, just like a breath of fresh air.

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