5 Ways to Enjoy Your New Smartphone

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So you finally made the switch. The big upgrade. You’ve entered the new age of technology and embraced the wonder that is the smart phone. Well, I’m sure you’re quickly learning just how amazing they are. So amazing, in fact, that it’s hard to remember everything they can do. So, to that end, here’s a guide of five ways you can maximize the enjoyment of your new smartphone.


1) Travel

Everyone travels, even if only to occasionally and only to the other side of the city. Having a device that can not only track your location but provide specific turn by turn directions to where you want to go is essential these days. It streamlines the process of both commuting and travel while ensuring the safety and timeliness of the commuter.

For those who are avid travelers there’s even more benefits packed into your new smart phone. Here’s a list of some traveling uses for your brand new smart phone:

  • Staying connected

Staying connected as you travel is extremely important whether it be business, casual, or leisure. Between wi-fi and your built in cellular network, your smartphone allows you to stay up to date with email, mobile computing and online access.

Flightview lets you check your flight times quickly and easily. It continually updates itself as well, so you’re sure to have the latest word on your flight. With this and other apps there’s much less worry involved in travel. No more rushing to the airport just to find your flight delayed.

  • Never get lost in a strange city

All smartphones either come with built in GPS or can be turned into one using a store bought app. These are practically a must for any type of travel in a strange city.

  • Pack less

Your smartphone lets you travel lighter by cutting down on your gadgetry. No longer do you need a GPS system, phone, PDA, laptop, etc. Now you can pack them all around in one condensed version via your new smartphone.


2) Business

Smartphones have long been geared for business use. They’ve literally replaced PDAs and in some cases even business laptops—at the very least able to sub in in a pinch and temporarily replace a laptop.

With the computing power packed into the portable smartphone it’s possible to do a wide variety of business activities. They:

  • Organize your work week, meetings, and in general calendar
  • Have powerful and fluid email systems in place, allowing ease of access and use.
  • Offer a plethora of different sources for news. They have apps, the internet, newsfeeds and news-letters that beam in straight to your phone. Never miss another update.
  • Allow extreme communication. There’s instant messaging, texts, emails, notifications, and even the good old classic phone call.
  • Have apps that focus on a wide range of different businesses. These include data, spread sheets, graphs, research, market trends, etc. All these allow you to tackle your niche and stay efficient, even on the go.


3) Games

Smartphones are a huge rising force in the video game industry. They’re the latest and greatest, and are perfect for casual video games. It’s exploded on the market and really opened up a whole new exciting use for smartphones. Some of the more popular games are:


4) Staying Connected and Browsing the Web

Maybe you’re not much of a traveler, not really into business, and gaming isn’t your thing. There’s still the added bonus of being connected and having internet access wherever you have service. This is a huge benefit, and I’ve regularly used this for awesome casual usage. For example, I commonly:

  • Browse popular sites such as Facebook, failblog, and reddit.
  • Check Wikipedia or use good ole Google to settle an argument.
  • Look for that obscure piece of information I’ve either forgotten or am curious about
  • Explore the internet while I have downtime. This staves off boredom and turns what would otherwise be a dull time into an awesome time.


5) Apps

I’ve already mentioned apps in other categories, but it deserves its own! Apps maximize the fun you can have and supplement your new smartphone in just about every way. So, no matter what you’re into, make sure you’re utilizing apps. Because without them, you’re surely not fully enjoying your new smartphone.


Welcome to the new world, where boredom is a scarcity. There are thousands of ways to entertain yourself and generally make your life more awesome. Just whip out your new smartphone and be amazed at the power at your fingertips.

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