SimpleNote Lets You Take Simple Notes Anywhere

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A friend recently shared another marvelous service with me that I thought you might enjoy. This service, SimpleNote, does what the name suggests. It allows you to take simple notes.

While there are many services and applications that let you take notes, not all of them are available on a wide variety of platforms (as well as the web). Although they only have official clients for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, there are 32 3rd party applications/extensions that use SimpleNote’s service.

Perhaps the best feature that SimpleNote has to offer is syncing throughout all of your devices. If you make a note on your iPhone, it will be synced to your iPad and computer. How cool is that?

The user interface on all official SimpleNote clients is very simple and elegant. On iOS, the font and light colored theme are a big step up from the standard note app.

Some other noteworthy features that are unique to this service are being able to share notes with other users, publish notes to web pages, add tags to notes, and look back at note history. In order to share your note with another user of SimpleNote, you simply add their email address to the tag field. The user that you share with will be able to edit the note that you share with them and it will be synced between all of your devices as well as their devices (one good way to make use of this is sharing a grocery list with your spouse). You can also publish your notes to web pages. Doing so will provide you with a link to a page on the website that contains your note. The page will be updated as you update your note.  Tags can be added to each of your notes. This will allow you to search for notes by tag (instead of keyword). The last noteworthy feature is note history. After each revision of a note, a copy is saved in the note’s history. Not only can you look back at the history of a note, but you can revert a note to an earlier version.

The only low points of SimpleNote that I noticed were the (unobtrusive) ads. Of course, they’re perfectly understandable seeing as how SimpleNote is free.

All in all, I think that SimpleNote is definitely worth a try. Check it out on the web at If you have a device running iOS, then you can download the mobile app at . Enjoy!

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