Generate Upside-Down Text With This Nifty Website

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This fun website allows you to type messages and have them flipped and turned upside-down. It doesn’t actually turn the text upside-down, but by using Latin and other symbol equivalents in Unicode, it creates a message that is just as good as the real thing.  However, this type of program is limited in that it cannot flip numbers and most uppercase letters very well.  It also includes a feature that gives you the HTML equivalent for the generated text  (useful if you want upside-down text in your web pages, just click on the “view HTML” link at the bottom of the page).  In addition, you can use its sister site to write “bubbleball” text, which is basically your given character but with a circle around it . On both sites, sharing your messages is easy with some simple social sharing buttons or good ol’ copy and paste.

To do handstands while typing, click here.

To type with bubbles, click here.


bubbleball text and upside-down text on an elegant background


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