Keep Your Eyes Healthy With The Help Of The 20-20-20 Rule and

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Those of us that spend great amounts of time in front of a computer monitor have likely been told about the 20-20-20 rule by our family, friends, and optometrists. The rule states that after staring at a computer monitor for 20 minutes, you should look at something at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. The goal of this exercise is to give your eyes a break. It helps prevent vision loss, dry eyes, eye redness, eye fatigue, and other forms of eye irritation.'s Break Reminder Screen

If you try to follow this rule, you will no doubt find that it is extremely difficult to remember to look away from your monitor and/or that it is annoying to keep track of 20 minute intervals. recognizes these difficulties and provides a convenient solution. The web service allows you to set a specified amount of time between breaks, after which it will sound a chime in order to remind you to look away from your glaring computer screen. If you hit the “let’s take a break” button that appears at your designated break time, ProtectYourVision will turn your entire screen black as it counts down from the selected break length time. As a bonus, it will show you some eye exercises that you can practice during your break.

For your sake, I hope that you use this invaluable tool. It’s easy to set up, and your eyes will thank you!

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